Wednesday 24th August 2022


Up 07 45. Congestion.

Breakfast : coffee; granola (oat milk). TUC calling for £15/hr minimum wage by 2030.

Showered and dressed, preparing for appointment.

Attended meeting with SEA at Northgate House (Seetec Pluss). Short delay during which noticed ‘Bath Hot Jobs’ on whiteboard : 6 jobs, offering £10-£11.50/hr, one of which in Bath (Lidl) ,with others including Amazon warehouse job in Bristol, and further afield. Escorted to room, meeting with SEA and his line manager. Introduced self and circumstances, explaining three self-employment propositions : own writing and production; JO So Trading, so to speak; Earth Centre etc. Advised that emphasis should be on earning ASAP and that first two propositions were to be treated as lines of same business. Could not view website as expected. Invited to attend workshops online and informed SEAs that had completed. Asked about how to treat sickness insurance and pension insurance contributions etc : former to be included in start-up business planning but not latter. Template business plan to be sent to me with offer of ongoing support. ‘Good luck,’ said the line manager on our parting. ‘Good luck to you,’ I found myself saying in response.

Met friend for coffee at Holburne Museum.

Elevenses : coffee (courtesy friend). Discussed self-employment possibilities before showing him renovations in Sydney Gardens.

Continued search for clothing in charity shops, encountering colleague who said ‘had head in sand’ about rising energy costs; said would have my support in event NEU opted for industrial action. Bought ingredients for Greek salad in Waitrose on way back.


Lunch : Greek salad; pita.


Tea : water.

Returned to shops to finish task, benefiting from measuring self before leaving and discovering that collar and chest larger than thought (16.5” and 44” respectively). Tried Alfred’s, TK Maxx, and M&S a last time, opting for M&S polo shirt. Saw neighbour on return discussing political developments.


Supper : Greek salad; pita. Listened to Jayati Ghosh on Novara Media.

Published TNS.

Online before turning in.