Tuesday 23rd August 2022


Up 08 15. Congestion.

Breakfast : half orange; coffee; granola (oat milk). Looked through Press Gazette tables on audience and circulation. BBC, Sun, Mirror, Mail, Independent, Guardian, Metro, Sky News, Express, Telegraph, ITV, Times (descending order inc websites).

Phone reminder from EA at Seetec Pluss regarding meeting with self-employment adviser tomorrow.

Did dishes. Shut window due to idling motorist. Went to bathroom, shaved, showered. Shut rear window as neighbour sanding furniture.

Worked on LFE.

Elevenses : coffee. XR and JSO actions in London in autumn. Laundry on.

Continued developing LFE. Pumiced right foot, noticing bit of a state.


Lunch : lamb sag; naan; beer. Hung laundry.


Tea : black tea; plums.

Continued searching for clothes, trying several in vain (one polo shirt unacceptably poor level finish; another 30c wash only). Returned studio via Waitrose where bought reduced pizza. Staff apparently anxious as many leaving.


Supper : pizza. Reminded self needed finish voting in GPEX elections. Also reminded how voting for individuals rather than self-selected teams or tickets which not sure is best way forward given experience in local party.

Online until turning in.