Thursday 25th August 2022


Up 06 55. Congestion. Put recycling out. Online in bed.

Breakfast : granola (oat milk); coffee.

Watched Summit at the End of the World Part I (Progressive International). Neighbour continuing sand furniture.

Did dishes, went bathroom, showered, dressed.

Attended appointment with WC at Pinesgate (DWP). Reviewed history past month. Mentioned how industrial action had contributed to my thinking about work. Said I would support him if civil servants took action. Made appointment for fortnight’s time. Tried dropping in at Ethical Property Company en route to town centre and no answer at door. Picked up black olives and pita at Waitrose. Shoes and socks wet through by time got back. Hung clothes to dry.

Elevenses : coffee. Recycling still not collected.

Continued watching Progressive International production.


Lunch : Greek salad; pita.


Tea : ice cream; black tea.

Continued watching Progressive International production. Spoke friend.


Supper : Greek salad; pita. Footage of heckling of Secretary of State for Health. Cigarette smoke in studio.

Attended meeting Bath Campaigns at The Grapes with friend, colleagues, acquaintances and others present. Bought self Ginger Beer (£3.50). Discussion of forthcoming local rally and national actions inc Don’t Pay UK. Interesting contributions on energy price and general inflation. : e.g. pensioner facing energy costs amounting to two-thirds disposable income. I asked about what had seen of Enough is Enough and Unite initiatives. View expressed that good number unions serious about disaffiliating from Labour Party and organising on a constituency basis. Also learned CWU picketing from 0700 Friday through to 14 00.

Home later than planned. Nearly choked on glass water watching heckling again.

Online before turning in.