Sunday 21st August 2022


Up 08 30. Difficult dreams. Congestion. Voices outside; works.

Breakfast : half orange; coffee; granola (dairy milk). Message from EE that used 80% of data can gift : unsure as to meaning. Motorist idling outside.

Cleaned kitchen. Did dishes. Went bathroom, shaved, showered. Closed window (wrap music).

Elevenses : coffee.

Published TNS.

Went to Waitrose for food.


Lunch : chipolatas with spices; couscous; salad.

Thought about possible missing community organisation : tenants’ union? Claimants’ union? Poor persons’ union? Union Socialist Residents? Union Working Class Socialists? Party?

Tea : ice cream; black tea.

Published TNS.


Supper : Lunch : chipolatas with spices; couscous; salad; ice cream.

Spoke friend.

Published TNS. Checked Universal Credit system for details next appointment.

Spoke friend.

Online before turning in.