Saturday 27th August 2022


Up 08 45. Congestion. Works outside.

Breakfast : coffee; granola (oat milk). Footage flooding in Pakistan. Assange appeal filed High Court.

Considered contingencies regarding energy. Researched cost using local gym/spa membership in place of having gas at home (not used heating in years in any case; marginal effect would be loss hot water except from kettle for dishes). Full membership at local 5* establishment £90/mnth. Combined dual fuel £50 to date (prior October).

Dressed and went out to meet friend for coffee.

Elevenses : coffee and croissant (courtesy me). Caught up. Friend advised me not go through winter without heating, commenting I had been unwell quite often last time round. Moved on to Bath Farmers’ Market as friend wished shop. Good live jazz trio. Spoke to acquaintance who trades in Green Park Station. Said avoided worry by ‘not giving a shit’, avoiding news as far as possible. Returned to friend’s apartment for lunch.


Lunch : stir-fried prawns and vegetables with rice noodles (courtesy friend).

Returned to studio, moving bin to entrance to block (rather than pavement), and finding paper shredder plugged in to electricity point in corridor outside front door.

Watched Day II of Progressive International Summit coverage. Smoke in studio.

Tea : black tea.

Spoke friend.


Supper : gazpacho; biscuits with cheese; ice cream. Apparently 30m affected in Pakistan flooding. launched.

Online before turning in.