Friday 26th August 2022


Up 07 45. Congestion. Someone or something on scaffolding at 06 00.

Breakfast : coffee; granola (oat milk). OFGEM announced 80% rise price cap.

Went bathroom and dressed. Decided leave recycling out another day (collection happened thus previously).

Attended CWU picket, arriving at one of two lines, on Manvers Street, joining CWU members, Bath Trades Council and others. No leaflets to hand out as run out by time arrived. Couple dozen on lines with obvious public support. Moved to Bath Spa Station line and had chance ask CWU members about dispute (in addition to information on leaflet) : spoke about apparent casualisation agenda, degradation conditions inc health safety, and more. Local XR activists arrived and proceeded unfurl banner, standing to right of CWU which number of CWU members and officials not impressed by, and opted to tolerate (was first they had heard of it and no liaison had apparently taken place). Point made that it was a CWU action/line. Left with friend after stint for a catch up.

Elevenses : coffee (courtesy me). Discussed general political situation and other matters with friend. CEO Ecotricity apparently said its services expensive, or words to that effect. Mentioned what had happened on picket and inappropriate behaviour (my view).

Returned to studio via Waitrose, buying reduced gazpacho, goat’s cheese. Bins untouched.


Lunch : gazpacho; biscuits with cheese. Laundry on.

Worked through links given by EA and friend. Searched for PT jobs. Hung laundry to dry.

Tea : black tea.

Spoke friend before returning Waitrose to buy savoury biscuits and ice cream. Busy; hen parties and south Asian tourists in evidence. Stopped and spoke to acquaintance I greet on street who told me his name and a little history. Compared notes. Childhood acquaintance came by at one point, embracing him, leaving some change (he said he needed £17.50 for bed at YMCA), and inviting him stay week or two when circumstances alllowed. His having left, he said he couldn’t do that, which I said I understood (staying with others is an imposition; your own home/space is a right).


Supper : gazpacho; biscuits with cheese; ice cream.

Did psychometric tests suggested by friend. Produced progress report and sent to EA and WC (via Universal Credit system).

Spoke friend.

Wearing socks two or three times (laundry backed up) resulted in deterioration athlete’s foot right hand side. Headache. Took paracetamol.

Turned in.