Saturday 20th August 2022


Up 08 15. Congestion. Loud voices outside and commencement works (again without notice).

Breakfast : coffee; granola (oat milk). Unite launching Unite for a Worker’s Economy Initiative.

Went bathroom and dressed.

Spoke friend.

Attended RMT picket line at Bath Spa Station, joining RMT members and colleagues from Unite Community et al. Some leafleting but significantly less footfall than during week. Apparently TSSA out as well as RMT meaning less junior and middle management available to cover for striking staff. Net positive reaction amongst public. CWU striking Friday : picket line will be on Manvers Street.

Elevenses : espresso (courtesy RMT).

Shopped for food in Waitrose buying reduced fishcakes.


Lunch : Biscuits with pate; cod fishcakes; potato salad; wine (courtesy friend).


Tea : black tea; plums.

Spoke friend. Cigarette smoke in studio.

Watched Jacobin production featuring Chomsky and Prashad.

Visited Waitrose again buying ice cream.


Supper : fishcakes; potato salad; wine (courtesy friend); ice cream.

Spoke friend. Fatigued. Teeth aching again.

Online before turning in.