Thursday 18th August 2022


Up 07 55. Difficult dreams. Congestion. Scaffolding continuing.

Breakfast : half orange; coffee; granola (oat milk). Unite producing manifesto. Inflation over 10% apparently.

Joined RMT members on picket line outside Bath Spa station. Bath Trades Council, NEU, UCU members and retired members/others present too. Discussed prospects strikes nationally and locally. Little passenger traffic. Leafleted with others. Learned that scaffolding on station to do with emergency renovation of housing of station clock. Explained LFE to one colleague who recommended Eagleton’s Why Marx was Right.

Elevenses : espresso (courtesy RMT).

Shopped for food in Waitrose on way back to studio.


Lunch : pate with Krisprolls; cucumber; half pizza. Scaffolders continuing.


Tea : plums; black tea.

Spoke friend. Hot. Fatigued.

Watched half University Leeds Careers Service Linked In tutorial videos. Motorist idling outside.


Supper : pizza; salad; Baba au Rhum.

Spoke friend.

Turned in.