Tuesday 16th August 2022


Up 08 00. Congestion.

Breakfast : half orange; granola (oat milk); coffee.

Went to bathroom, showered and dressed only to notice floor carpet through crotch of jeans as put them on. Checked balance to judge what available to spend on wardrobe (socks and underwear also needed).

Visited M&S, TK Maxx, Jollys, Alfred’s looking for above and replacement casual trousers. Bought secondhand chinos in Alfred’s and ‘high waisted’ briefs in M&S, leaving socks for another time. Overheard staff member talking about festival which saw fighting between camps, mallet strikes, and deodorant bombs. ‘Sounds like fun,’ she said.

Checked in Jessops and LCE how much costed buy and develop 35mm film nowadays with a view to purchase of secondhand Olympos SLR in charity shop window. Offer price for camera, 50mm lens (no lens cap) £40. Bog standard film and processing (prints and jpegs) £30. Left camera though tempted.

Elevenses : coffee; water. Spoke friend.

Unwrapped briefs and put on, quickly deciding that not for me. Returned to M&S, buying boxer shorts. ‘Too close to a nappy,’ I said. ‘I didn’t like to say,’ said member staff. Bought frozen pizza in Waitrose en route back to studio.


Lunch : pizza; salad. Began rejigging Twitter follows.


Published TNS. Heard from Seetec Pluss that workshop on managing stress and anxiety cancelled due to bereavement.

Went to Waitrose again for food buying reduced wild boar burgers.


Supper : wild boar burger in a bun; salad.

Online before turning in.