Thursday 11th August 2022


Up 08 00. Recycling van crashing around outside at 07 00 (new round timings).

Breakfast : half an orange; muesli (dairy milk). US Senator Cruz speech warning Latin American governments ‘opting for socialism’ that will be ‘held accountable to the US.’ Claims of wildcat strikes at 30+ UK sites.

Did dishes, went to bathroom and dressed.

Attended appointment with WC at Pinesgate. Introduced self to civil servant covering for my WC, describing situation, employment and self-employment searches. Told that HMRC in Bristol possible option and that homeworking significant to relieve pressure on Temple Meads office. Also told about Cool Ventures, a charity supporting new ventures in South West England or West of England. Made appointment for fortnight’s time.

Shopped for food on way home.


Lunch : quiche; salad.

Changed and went to canal at top lock to meet and assist friend as had agreed. Learned how to operate locks in helping another friend with two, then moored. Rope burn. Spent time with friend over glass white wine before walking back to studio. ‘Fucking hell! Hey you down there!’ shouted one of a number of young women from a first floor window on North Parade.


Supper : quiche; salad. Don’t Pay UK pledges over 100,000.

Went to Waitrose again as desired ice cream, returning with pack of small cups.

Ate ice-cream. Spoke to friend. Smoke in studio.

Thought about life until turning in.