Sunday 14th August 2022


Up 07 20. Congestion. Neighbour coughing and smoking outside.

Breakfast : half orange; granola (oat milk).

Went to bathroom and dressed.

Met friend on Lansdown Road and made for canal to move boat to permanent mooring. Helped friend through half a dozen locks before navigating canal to Dundas Basin where rested whilst on waterpoint. Retired couple in another boat on the waterpoint were touring, their grandchildren now boarding (and choristers apparently). She said she loved the (very hot) weather. Busy.

Friend drove us back to town. Went to Waitrose for food.


Lunch : ravioli; salad.


Tea : black tea. Remainder of cherries off. Elbe dropped sufficiently to reveal 400 year old etchings, apparently : ‘[i]f you see me, cry.’ 2-stroke fumes in studio (from delivery riders). Discovered remainder eggs many months past use-by date so discarded. Went to Waitrose for food.

Spoke to friend.


Supper : ravioli; salad.

Spoke friend.

Turned in.