Statement w/c 15th August 2022

Health & Beauty

Male; 48 years old; (H) 1.90 m; (W) 95 kg. Possibly neurologically diverse (unassessed).

Moderate anxiety; moderate depression.

Monitoring possible digestive and urological issues following GP visit (not thought pathological); sundry other issues.


Tenant (shorthold assured tenancy) of unfurnished 30m2 studio apartment in Bath (UK) at £19.83 per square meter.

Neither building nor studio well appointed or maintained.


Universal Credit claimant registered on RESTART programme with SEETEC PLUSS via DWP office in Bath as ‘ungainfully self-employed’ (journalism; media production; education).

Fellow of The Schumacher Institute.

Monthly disposable income : £929.91 Universal Credit : £929.91. Patreon : £0. Other : £0.

Current account balance : £543.33; Cash balance : £2.69 ; Savings : £01; Debt £0.

All balances shown as at 15th August 2022; (1) Trivial holdings (< £5,000) in two private pension schemes not accessible before become eligible for retirement.


Member of Green Party of England and Wales.



Parents (North West England); godparents (South West England; France); brother, sister-in-law, niece (North West England).