Monday 15th August 2022


Up 08 30. Congestion.

Breakfast : half orange; coffee; muesli (oat milk). More footage flooding – this time Senegal, Afghanistan. EA acknowledged receipt report by email. Felt out of sorts.

Went shopping in Morrisons and Waitrose, buying plums on offer and bin bags. Graffiti on print of the holloway on Walcot Street. Labour Party office closed during August. Anxious; stomach discomfort apparently returned. Told staff member about Enough is Enough and Don’t Pay UK.

Elevenses : coffee.

Restructured website and edited page or two.


Lunch : quiche; salad. Shut window due to idling outside.


Tea : plum; black tea.

Washed pullover by hand (backlog pending since autumn).

Thought about life.

Returned to Waitrose buying ice cream on offer. Sweated as humid.


Supper : quiche; salad; ice cream.

Continued editing website.

Online before turning in.