Friday 12th August 2022


Up 08 05. Broken night. Woman screaming, possibly in building, on three occasions from 02 00. Reported to police on third occasion as judged was required. Knock at door to studio following arrival of car : someone had left front door open and police – two young men – walked straight in to building asking for me by name. Dressed, received officers.’What’s going on?’ Repeated information given over phone and confirmed nothing subsequently. Back to bed after closing door.

Breakfast : half orange; muesli (dairy milk). Immunisation against polio apparently started again in London. Letter from some left Labour MPs to PM, LOTO, Speakers, calling for recall of parliament.

Went to bathroom and showered. Laundry on. Removed burgers and buns from freezer. Spoke friend.

Reported Income and Expenses to Universal Credit system. Hung laundry.

Elevenses : espresso; water.

Searched B&NES Council website for vacancies.


Lunch : burger in a bun with relish; cucumber. Shut window due to idling taxi driver.

Applied for job with B&NES Council.

Tea : ice cream; black tea; water. Footage Mick Lynch (RMT) talking about need for unions and residents associations.

Applied for second job with B&NES Council.


Supper : burger in a bun with relish; cucumber.

Applied for third job with B&NES Council. Produced and distributed report to EA and WC. Noticed particulars of third (Anti-Idling Officer) noted likely stress burden due to expected aggression of motorists.

Online before turning in.