Monday 8th August 2022


Up 08 00. Congestion; cough.

Breakfast : half an orange; muesli (oat milk); coffee. Enjoyed footage of Francia Marquez taking oath as Vice President Colombia. Biden ‘Climate Bill’ described as part oil/gas build out.

Spoke friend.

Went bathroom, showered, dressed in preparation for appointment.

Attended appointment at University of Bath Careers Service (Virgil Building). Said that had looked through Prospects online, compiling list jobs from A-Z but that had not done further research as yet. Officer recommended use of Linked In and a University of Leeds Careers Service video on the subject. Briefly discussed possible neurodivergence and was told of University of Bath resources (some information online) and National Autistic Society which have looked at in the past. Agreed would make appointment in September following further research on pathways.

Visited charity shop buying two secondhand tumblers, before taking elevenses outside at Browns in Orange Grove. Spoke acquaintance who said shop manager instructed staff to close shop if felt too uncomfortable due to heat.

Elevenses : espresso; water.

Home via Waitrose where bought food. ‘One man’s tart is another man’s quiche,’ said a member of staff. Hot. Legs damp from sweat under wool trousers.


Lunch : Quiche; salad.


Tea : water; cherries. Read Walden Bello arrested in Philippines. Watched Enough is Enough campaign launch film featuring General Secretaries and an MP or two (from Socialist Campaign Group in Labour, I think). Invited to local meeting to hear ICAN official and consider how to interest/influence public as regards nuclear risks etc. Nearly 100,000 pledges under Don’t Pay UK. .

Cleaned bathroom.


Supper : quiche; salad.

Looked at options for vehicle rental in August : van only realistic option at £60 a day.

Online until turning in.