Sunday 7th August 2022


Up 08 30. Congestion; cough.

Breakfast : half an orange; coffee; muesli (oat milk). Don’t Pay UK citing Sir Ed Davey on poverty in prospect (Davey was leading member of 2010 Coalition Government). Prof Sachs (Chair Lancet Commission on COVID-19) on record as saying US institutions not cooperating in search for origins.

Played guitar.

Elevenses : coffee. Apparently, Felixstowe Port handles 50% cargo : strike pending.

Shopped in Waitrose for food, buying frozen fries, beef burgers, ice cream on offer.


Lunch : beefburger in a bun with relish; fries.


Tea : black tea; ice cream. Sat coughing, sinuses awry, thinking how possible result of laboratory efforts, and comparing to climate change (heat in studio) and risk nuclear exchange.

Wrote to Chair, Bathnes Green Party.


Supper : beefburger in a bun with relish; fries. Almost headache. Took a paracetamol.

Looked through Prospects which maintains an A-Z of Job Profiles.

Online before turning in.