Thursday 4th August 2022


Up 08 10. Congestion; sore throat.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (dairy milk). Thames Head apparently moved 2 miles downstream. Amazon staff striking at Tilbury. Reported 16m facing famine in Yemen.

Went bathroom, showered and dressed.

Met friend for coffee at Loft (courtesy me). Recommended I ask for tests following COVID-19; he knows case permanently on medication as result. He felt opposition to government missing in action. I asked how would know if it was there. His view that opposition parties need form alliance nationally and/or locally and that I am well positioned to instigate locally. Told him of my experience going back decade or more and said would send him information that might be of interest inc NUPES in France, German government, Compass website as well as think about stuff. Remain of view that, at very least, policy programme of alliances needs to be good enough, and other misgivings. Also discussed dangers of leaving matters to designated experts, using professional and academic economists as case in point.

Walked on to meet friend for elevenses at Pavilion Cafe in Victoria Park.

Elevenses : carrot and ginger cake; ginger beer (courtesy friend).

Caught up and briefly discussed item party business concerning me (she is Chair).


Skipped lunch as ran later than planned, managing reach Northgate House by 14 00.

Attended appointment with new EA (Seetec Pluss). Met EA, introducing self and situation. EA showed me her record of my applications since joining Restart, and saying had committed to 5 a week. Felt vulnerable though had expected as much. Said I spoke to WC frequently and regularly; EA said she did so too which I confirmed I knew. Proposition was that I should work 37.5 hours a week doing applications. I said not realistic if object finding and doing applications well and sustainably. Explained work possibly employment or self employment/enterprise and loose ends as regards SP (Marketing workshop; wellbeing action). Wellbeing assessment seemed dropped off system/radar. Opted for Managing Stress and Anxiety course amongst those offered. Said mental state seemed a little improved of late, that winter had been difficult, and mental furniture moved about a bit and would see proof or not over next weeks. Agreed orally on 3 applications which EA recorded as 3-5 on Action Plan, printing and asking me sign. Noticed poster above her desk with message about empowering people; the relations and manners are teacher/manager/authority and subordinate; on the wall as approached reception area and exit to sign out as usual is hand-drawn table of targets and progress for the staff.

Bit dazed following three meetings on the trot, and the latter, so walked to Parade Bridge to enjoy view before returning studio via Waitrose where bought frozen spinach, reduced chicken livers, pita bread.

Tea : black tea.

Wrote to colleague on party business and friend regarding alliances. Arriva (buses) staff into third week of strike.action. 1000+ pledges now to form human chain around parliament in autumn regarding Assange case. Annoyed at viewing same clip repeatedly as person appearing in it has liked or retweeted others’ posts of same (lack self-awareness?).



Supper : chicken livers, onion, and spinach in tomato sauce with pita.

Online before turning in.