Friday 5th August 2022


Up 08 15. Difficult dreams. Congestion; cough.

Agreed to meet friends out for coffee and decided take breakfast out as cupboard bare in that respect. Watched Redline TV production on contribution of Labour left to its own defeat inc what described as ‘defeat’ of Momentum as a democratic force.

Went to bathroom and dressed.

Met friends for coffee (courtesy me) at Boston Tea Party in lower Lansdown. Caught up.

Breakfast : croissant; coffee; water.

Walked on to meet friend for catch up and picnic lunch. Visited Sydney Gardens, inspecting newly renovated gardens, buildings, and what seemed to be antique, iron public toilet building (not plumbed). Friend had ceased operating as ordered; landlord now demonstrably lying (and libeling friend) in writing in attempt to avoid any responsibility, liability, knowledge. Par for course.


Lunch : herb frittata; prosecco (courtesy friend).

Friend invited me consider whether needed anything that going to let go and whether wished do car boot sale which said would consider. Sore throat for which friend offered tonic.

Tea : black tea; water (courtesy friend).

Quite fatigued on arrival studio. Online. Over 50c in Iraq, Iran yesterday. Sunak filmed telling leadership electors that had reversed funding formulas in Treasury to benefit home counties at expense of deprived, inner city areas. Did work requested by Chair Bathnes Green Party, making notes in diary.


Supper : chicken livers, onion, spinach in tomato sauce with pita.

Spoke friend.

Online before turning in.