Monday 1st August 2022


Up 07 45. Congested.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (dairy milk). CWU members striking today. Photograph of what claimed be 6000 year old tree online. Aviation fuel pipeline being built between Southampton and London Heathrow by ExxonMobil. Footage flooding India and Oman.

Went to bathroom, showered and dressed.

Attended 10 00 appointment with University of Bath Careers Service officer at Virgil Building, the former police station on Manvers Street. Reintroduced self after meeting prior lockdown (2020), updating her on situation and requesting input on information resources (jobs profiles, specification of skills etc) and possible contacts. Made notes and left after 20 minute slot ended, agreeing would return for longer appointment after initial research.

Bought coffee in Waitrose en route home. Slog home.

Elevenses : coffee. Spoke friend. Cough.

Sent weekly report to EA and WC.

Shopped in Saisburys and Waitrose for pizza and salad. Occurred to me that could stage TESAHIW exhibition in Green Park Station using the 8 columns accessible notwithstanding the ongoing works. Spoke Security Guard who asked me – I think in good faith – whether COVID-19 created by ‘aliens’ : he had seen something on social media. Said important have political culture where proper public deliberation etc rather than what have. Question sat oddly with his evident appreciation that those in power in his country origin were not working in interest of most citizens. Voted for Deputy Leader after inspecting online resources in GPEW Executive elections (GPEx) which opened today.


Lunch : pizza; salad. Paid rent.


Tea : black tea.

Published TNS.


Supper : pizza; salad.

Online before turning in.