Sunday 31st July 2022


Up 08 30. Difficult dreams. Congestion; cough.

Breakfast : lemon juice and water; muesli (dairy milk). Merseyside Pensioners Association and Labour Party member expelled following incident with LOTO. FBI raided members African People’s Socialist Party in US. Women’s Euro 2022 Final today : England v Germany.

Thought about life and future.

Elevenses : coffee.

Went to Morrisons and then Waitrose for food and beer, visiting charity shops for glassware. Interested in pair wine glasses but £20 on enquiring, not £10 as thought; invited to make offer – presumably more than £10 – as ‘they’ve been around a while.’ Waitrose staff member said beer was loss leader when I said was less dear than at Morrisons by small margin.


Lunch : papadams with pickle; beer; vegetable curry with rice.


Tea : peach; black tea.

Continued thinking about life and future. Smoke in studio. Don’t Pay UK stated 15,000 activists signed up across country.


Supper : papadams with pickle; beer; vegetable curry with rice.

Continued thinking, going for walk to Millennium Green Community Garden and on to Lansdown Cemetary to watch sunset. Returned home to find footage online England winning European Championship.

Spoke to friend briefly before turning in.