Saturday 30th July 2022


Up 09 00. Congestion. Spoke friend who had received phone call from new Managing Agent telling her to cease business operations on site – ongoing a decade or more – immediately.

Breakfast : orange juice; tiramisu; coffee. ASLEF members striking.

Decongestion effort, listening to Prof Therborn on Jacobin YouTube site (interrupted periodically by groin care ads). Did dishes and spoke friend.

Elevenses : coffee.

Online. Leaked correspondence regarding packing Lords. Attorney General said to have banned state lawyers from instructing policymakers that proposed changes unlawful.

Went to Waitrose for food.


Lunch : greek salad; pita bread.


Tea : black tea.

Published TNS listening to Jacobin production on German history. Cough; congestion.


Supper : greek salad; pita bread. Congestion; fatigue.

Online before turning in.