Friday 29th July 2022


Up 08 15. Difficult dreams and waking thoughts. Congestion; sore throat.

Breakfast : orange juice; muesli (dairy milk); coffee. Ecotricity Bill through : £16.77. CWU members striking today at BT/Openreach. Heatwave forecast in France and possibly UK next week. House Speaker Pelosi planning visit Taiwan apparently.

Spoke friend.Went bathroom, did dishes, and showered.

Elevenses : coffee. Regarding energy and other prices/profits/wage distribution, Jeremy Corbyn wrote, ‘If you are a CEO ….. I ain’t your mate.’ Recalled meetings of former LOTO or rather ‘People’s Chancellor’ with likes of HSBC etc ahead of 2019 General Election which sat ill with me at time.

Friend called inviting me for walk : spent few hours in Botanical Gardens together before visiting Waitrose for food. Nurse remarked upon fact tests had been sent to friend gratis saying was not policy and – with a smile – that could sell on eBay. ‘Like the NHS,’ I said, thanking her for her work. Passed by touring Food Festival, largely unattended, charging £12 per head for admission on the day. As said previously, BathNES Council levies fee for mere consideration of events on its estate catering for such fare.


Lunch : steak; fries; salad.


Tea : coffee; tiramisu. Wildcat strike reported in Bury in North West England.

Fatigued. Read a little.


Supper : steak; fries; salad.

Online before turning in.