Thursday 28th July 2022


Up 07 15. Congestion; cough.

Breakfast : orange juice; muesli (dairy milk). Earth Overshoot Day.

Booked appointment with University of Bath Careers Service.

Spoke friend.

Did recycling and refuse, encountering neighbour. She was frustrated at road resurfacing on Camden Road which crosses Camden Row and therefore corralled cars for past week or so. Also spoke about her vaults’ likely inadequacy as road support. I said answer was modal shift to walking, cycling, public transport; she criticised e-Scooters (I am not a particular fan) which led me to point out how consisted much less stuff than car and less dangerous to boot (‘Which would you rather be hit by?’ I asked) : unmoved (‘You’d know about it if you were hit by an e-scooter’ or something close).

Attended meeting with WC at Pinesgate. Discussed health and fact seemed a fortnight from normal functioning. Said had booked appointment with University Careers Service. Made appointment to see colleague (holiday cover). Changed when got in and hung clothes to air/dry.

Elevenses : coffee. Earth First critique of Extinction Rebellion and call for meeting in South West for those interested. Sense that rooted organising in what is required to build power (workplaces and residential communities).

Brought bins in and took and submitted meter readings, judging that bill would be close to zero with absence and estimated basis last two.bills. Went to town visiting charity shops for glassware and Waitrose for food.


Lunch : minestrone soup and bread. Groin grooming ad interrupted music playing on YouTube.

Siesta. Struggled to wake up when alarm sounded.

Tea : black tea.

Published TNS.


Supper : minestrone soup; bread.

Spoke friend.

Online before turning in.