Wednesday 27th July 2022


Up 08 45. Congested; cough. Child walking by with adult. ‘Put your phone away for 5 minutes. It’s not that important.’ ‘No.’

Breakfast : orange juice; granola (dairy milk). CWU General Secretary described sacking Shadow Transport Secretary for picketing by LOTO as ‘sitting on the fence’ as regards (right to) industrial action. ACORN Bristol stopped meeting of Bristol City Council Renters Commission after being excluded. 1 in 3 Indians hungry according to Prof Jayati Ghosh.

Decongestion effort, causing ache in left eye ball as before. Listened to Economic Update on Democracy at Work.

Went to bathroom, showered and dressed to attend RMT picket line at Bath Spa Rail Station. Passed by acquaintance on street asleep on pavement with head on left shoulder.

Joined RMT members, meeting RMT officer and members local Unite Community, UCU branches, Bath Trades Council, Bath Campaigns, colleagues inc friend. Bath staff apparently members of Bristol branch. Asked RMT officer how could help and suggestion was leafleting members of public as entered, exited station or passed by, which did whilst carrying on conversation with another non-RMT member. Compared notes on understanding history and difference between socialism and communism; according to colleague, given I think the end goal ought to be a classless society – I think class is unnatural – I am a communist. Many public especially arrivals apathetic or avoidant but of public engaging great majority supportive, many taking leaflet. Invited to Bath Campaigns meeting in the evening. Police Van parked nearby but no engagement by PCs.

Returned home for lunch quite weary, stopping at Waitrose en route.


Lunch : minestrone soup; bread.


Tea : black tea.

Spoke friend.


Supper : minestrone soup; bread. Decided against going to Bath Campaigns meeting as weary by evening (and bit wary of being indoors too).

Published TNS.

Online before turning in.