Saturday 23rd July 2022


Up 09 00. Difficult dreams. Congestion; less weak perhaps. We All Just Want to Stop Oil action in London. Reminded of inaugural People’s Assembly Against Austerity event in 2013. Power building required locally in workplaces and communities. Interested to see what sort of attendance achieved.

Breakfast : orange juice; muesli (dairy milk).

Tried decongesting by steam inhalation again : some change attended by eyeball ache and headache (slight) presumably to do with pressure changes.

Spoke friend.

Elevenses : coffee.

Online looking at some alternative UK media sources. Read critique left somewhere : ‘obsessive identification with symbols, structures and strategies of past.’ Apparently over 40c in number Chinese cities.


Lunch : chicken in tomato sauce with rice.

Went for walk and sit down in Millennium Green Community Garden.

Tea : Peach; water. Footage and photographs suggest WAWTJSO modest attendance.

Spoke friend.


Temperature 36.1c.

Supper : feta salad; pancakes a l’orange.

Read Radical History and then online before turning in.