Wednesday 20th July 2022


Up 07 00. Slept well. Congestion still.

Breakfast : orange juice; muesli (dairy milk).

Tried steam inhalation with Vicks dissolved in hot water. Listened Prof Wolff on Democracy at Work saying NUPES showing in French legislatives significant.

Read Radical History.

Elevenses : peach; water.

Continued reading in bed.


Temperature : 37c.

Lunch : saucisson; matzos with avocado; salad.


Tea : black tea.

Continued reading.


Supper : matzos; omelette.

Another go at decongestion to little avail.

Online. Footage CEOs of Shell and BP appearing at Environment Audit Ctte today, saying did ‘incredibly important work’ and ‘comfortable’ as regards considerations of ecocide at Hague.

Turned in.