Tuesday 19th July 2022


Up 08 00. Better night’s sleep. Weak; congested. Temperature 36.8c. Closed windows at rear. Closed windows and drew curtains and blinds at front.

Breakfast : orange juice; muesli (dairy milk). 40C expected be breached today in UK.

Read Radical History.

Elevenses : iced water.

Continued reading.


Lunch : saucisson sec; potato salad; olives; tomato.


Tea : iced water; peach. Continued using ice on body to cool.

Online. 40c breached at Heathrow and other locations. Footage online fires in East London and Kent.


Supper : saucisson sec; olives; tomato; glass white wine.

Spoke friend. Opened windows to cool studio. Relieved heat passing.

Online before turning in.