Monday 18th July 2022


Up 08 30. Better night with only one or two breaks. Unwell : weakness, some coughing, congestion. Temperature 36.9c. Record temperatures forecast today and tomorrow. HMG Net Zero Strategy ruled unlawful by High Court. Remedy ordered within 8 months.

Breakfast : orange juice; muesli (dairy milk); coffee.

Drew on duvet cover as dusted off bedding, pen in hand. Drew curtains and blinds to front of studio. Seetec Pluss notified meeting Friday 10 30 : replied saying may not be possible. Received email invitation to satisfaction research as regards Restart Programme, administered by IFF Research which I declined work for in mid 2000s. Online.

Elevenses : fruit; water.

Read penultimate chapter of A Radical History of the World.

Met friend outside who had brought provisions. Spoke briefly.


Temperature : 37.5c.

Lunch : saucisson sec; tomato; potato salad. Motorist sitting in Mercedes outside idling (probably air conditioning on). Closed curtains at rear.

Siesta. Heat difficult. Measured temperature number dark objects in studio : mid thirties plus indicated. Wondered whether leaving windows ajar behind closed blind/curtain mistake.

Tea : Peach; water with ice. Attempted cool self by melting ice directly on legs, wrists, arms.

Spoke friend.


Temperature 37.6c.

Supper : saucisson sec; tomato; potato salad.

Uncomfortable. Watched film with friend, ending up perched on toilet seat in bathroom (coolest room in studio). Made it to point where judged temperature outside cooler than in studio and opened curtains, blinds, windows.

Online until turning in.