Thursday 14th July 2022


Up 08 00. Bad night. Unwell with temperature and headache. Difficult dreams and dark thoughts whilst awake. Reduced appetite. Suspect COVID-19.

Closed curtains and blind at front to try to limit solar gain.

Breakfast : muesli (dairy milk). Paracetamol.

Made list people who might be able deliver food. Returned to bed and slept intermittently.


Lunch : egg salad. Almost nauseous. Paracetamol.

Spoke friend. Tried wet towel around neck for relief. Tired sitting up so retired to bed again, sleeping until 16 45.

Tea : cold milk; shortbread.

Friend called saying had ordered thermometer and would be delivered imminently.


Took delivery of thermometer and spent good while searching for precision screwdriver required to open battery compartment. Discovered pharmacist had enclosed wrong battery type. Wondered what proportion of households possesses precision screwdrivers : probably similar to that possessing handheld, infrared thermometers.

Supper : matzos with hummus, cucumber.

Arranged food delivery with friend had been due to see on return from France.

Took paracetamol before turning in.