Tuesday 12th July 2022


Up 09 00. New bites in evidence. Visited Coop on Julian Road for dairy milk.

Breakfast : coffee; waffles; muesli (dairy milk). Emergency Briefing by Chief Government Scientist, organised for MPs and Peers following a hunger strike, attended by <100. Tour de France disrupted by Derniere Renovation (had joked with friend that could stop its passage through Villeneuve d’Ascq). News from mother that her cousin in Australia passed away following a fall and subsequent blood clot.

Rearranged furniture and unpacked. Charged beard trimmer.

Elevenses : waffles; coffee.

Reported Income and Expenses to Universal Credit. Cleaned and tidied kitchen, using vinegar to clean floor. Went to Coop for rice for lunch, meeting neighbour who asked about recent domestic disturbance, saying previous tenants in building had included woman she believed was ‘on the game’, assaulted by pimp, and part of reason she had chosen to divest. Ran late, making fried egg and rice and then leaving it.


Lunch : skipped.

Attended appointment with WC at Pinesgate, arriving a few minutes late. WC introduced colleague who could have been inspector, trainer, or manager, asking how had been and saying time out for caring responsibilities was permitted when I said had managed spend less time than usual at work. Was asked about progress and position with War on Want had indicated was of interest. Made appointment before taking my leave. Visited Sainsburys on return, buying pizza, and encountering acquaintances about to fly to Greece for summer holiday with their adopted daughter. Visited Guildhall Markets to buy cleaning product from ironmonger.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Cleaned fridge ahead of turning on again first time since autumn.


Supper : pizza.

Completed cleaning of fridge. Woman screamed in building. Ran to window and shouted ‘Do you need help?’ ‘ Now there’s a fucking daddy long legs in here.’ Complaints out window and then outside building about cannabis smoking somewhere in or around building. ‘I know who’s smoking it. If you don’t stop smoking it, I’ll call the police.’ Calm again then more as friend arrived for fleeting visit. Put her straight that was not me and invited meet and talk about things at some point which she politely declined.

Spent time with friend who brought three bottled ales with him.

Online before turning in.