Monday 11th July 2022


Up 07 30. Hot in night. Difficult dreams.

Moved paving stones aside to allow access for unexpected delivery pellets on forklift. Went to boulangerie for croissants, brioche, patisserie.

Breakfast : croissants; brioche; coffee.

Moved sacks pellet into shed from pallet.

Elevenses : Paris Brest; coffee.



Lunch : saucisses; tabouleh.

Washed friend’s car and leathered off. Did the hoovering en haut.

Tea : black tea.

Packed for retour. Kir Royale in garden and last mosquito bite of stay on middle finger right hand. Dropped by friend by car at Lille Europe for Eurostar. Said goodbye. Journey as planned with hour or more to wait at London Paddington for GWR train to Bath. Retired banker and teacher in conversation on Eurostar : former expecting financial crash and recommending holding cash, saying financial regulation would improve if salaries for regulators improved; neither on the mark, notwithstanding (or because of) reading evidently done by latter. Getting prepaid ticket rigmarole at London St Pancras with officer and self-service machine unable to find on strength card number and name alone. Bought and ate sandwich at London Paddington.


Supper : roast beef with horseradish sauce sandwich; cherries; pistachios; waffles.

Arrived in Bath just before midnight, walking past young women lying on floor outside bar and familiar faces from streets, one sitting with leg in plaster. Window in stairwell still not fixed. Studio as left it.

Online before turning in.