Sunday 10th July 2022


Up 09 00.

Breakfast : orange juice; yogurt with honey; coffee; toast with butter and honey.

Tidied house and did laundry.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Jardinage including cutting back verdure using sickle/billhook (unlawful to use mower from noon on Sunday and unsuitable in any case due to ground surface).


Lunch : quiche; salad; melon.

Hoovering en bas; mopping. Returned tools with barrow to neighbour along with card.

Tea : black tea; biscuit.

Prepared table, food, drink and fire.


Received friends for evening. Was asked what made of resignation of Prime Minister, saying would change little. I said question was why mass people did not act (collectively) : friend said were like moutons after experiencing one crisis after another in lives.

Supper : champagne; barbecued saucisses et merguez; salad; tabouleh; red wine; tarte aux fraises; cafe.

Bid friends goodnight.

Produced and sent weekly report to WC and EA, noticing Seetec Pluss had arranged appointment in Bath Monday morning.

Spent time with friend before turning in.