Friday 8th July 2022


Up 07 15.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; cornflakes (dairy milk).

Visited Cap Gris and Wissan on coast with friend. Clear view to white cliffs and east and west bound corridors of the English Channel (quarter of global maritime navigation by day); hadn’t realised German and English gun emplacements fired at each other across water during Second World War.

Looked for somewhere for lunch in Wissan, finding restaurant overlooking beach (sandy), sea and white cliffs. ‘Je suis de la-bas,’ I said.


Lunch : moules mariniere; frites.

Walked along beach and in water.

Returned via St Omer, finding ice cream bar in main square.

Tea : rum and raisin ice cream.

Saw something of final preparations for jazz festival and bought gift for neighbours before driving back.


Realised had moderate sunburn to face; neck, arms.

Guests at neighbours’ home for evening.

Supper : fruits de mer; bread; champagne; white wine. Neighbour telling jokes I could tell were rude even though could not keep up.

Took advantage of offer of After Sun.

Turned in soon after left.