Tuesday 5th July 2022


Up 08 30. Dreamt discussing character suitable for politics with ex-MP for Bath having lifted Conservative Party Councillor up in the air from behind as walked down Bathwick Hill moments before. Further mass shootings reported in US. German trade deficit.

Breakfast : orange juice; banana; apricot; cornflakes (dairy milk).

Accompanied friend to hospital and salon.


Lunch : ham; frites; beer; apple crumble with ice cream.

Helped neighbour with boulodrome. Checked on her house midway after alarm nearby sounded. Said had brought rake ‘pour faire un melee’ though would be first fight as adult; she had won three apparently, one against someone armed with knife. Plausible.

Drank water and took shower before supper.


Supper : prawns with salad and vegetables (en galettes de riz); peppers in coconut cream/milk with rice noodles.

Spent time with friend.

Turned in.