Monday 4th July 2022


Up 07 30. Apparent reperage at 04 30.

Accompanied friend to boulangerie in Sainghin en Melantois and short walk noticing low water in Marque.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; toast with honey.

Hoovered en bas.

Elevenses : coffee; Opera.

Jardinage and trip to Decheterie to dispose green waste.


Lunch : Quiche; salad; cheese with bread; espresso; Opera.

Worked on TNS.

Tired so took siesta.


Supper : chorizo and tomato omelette; salad; apple crumble with ice cream.

Spent time with friend. Reports of fuel cost direct action (rolling roadblocks on motorways) as opposed to Insulate Britain or Just Stop Oil efforts.

Turned in.