Saturday 2nd June 2022


Up 09 00. Wes Streeting MP quoted as saying ‘I shouldn’t feel shame for rising from a council estate to the middle class.’ [My emphasis] Reports of millions destitute following extreme weather in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Published TNS

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Continued working on TNS.


Lunch : artichoke; garlic; pasta.

Jardinage : stripped branches shrub; did major part rear lawn, avoiding bees gathering nectar. Dual reaction ex-post with satisfaction at neatness/tidiness on one hand and sense ecological destruction (e.g clover in flower) on other.

Tea : ice cream; banana; raspberry sorbet.

Helped neighbours with boulodrome.

Took a shower and dressed.


Supper : magret de canard; celeriac puree; potatoes; red wine.

Spent time with friend.

Turned in.