Thursday 30th June 2022


Up 08 00. Uncomfortable night, in part due to heat. Difficult dreams.

Breakfast : orange juice; yogurt with honey; toast with butter and honey; coffee.

Attended Seetec Plus workshop. About dozen of 30 booked in attendance inc ex-military medic who said, making conversation, taught to do injections using an orange. Realised quickly that was same workshop had completed lately and not the marketing focused workshop expected. Excused myself discreetly and left call.

Went grocery and household shopping with friend.


Lunch : quiche; salad.

Published TNS entries.

Tea : black tea.

Went to pharmacy with friend for cortisone cream for bites two of which sizeable weals on inner arm. Made mistake at wheel nearly taking left side of road at junction and correcting without collision from behind. Did laundry.


Supper : thai peppers in coconut cream/milk; rice noodles.

Spent time with friend. CWU voted for strike action. Notice in Universal Credit system about’ extra government payment’.

Turned in.