Wednesday 29th June 2022


Up 08 30. Latest energy bill through : £43.86 (est). Sent reply to Bath Campaigns regarding invitation to meeting 30th June 2022. Noticed Just Stop Oil meeting scheduled Percy Community Centre. 29.9 Celsius in Tromso yesterday.

Breakfast : orange juice; yogurt with honey; coffee; cornflakes; oats (dairy milk).

Jardinage : cut back large shrub encountering caterpillars, earwigs, spiders.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines. Nurse late having stopped en route to attend motor traffic accident (she is also a pompier).

Prepared lunch.


Lunch : carrot/vegetable soup; cheese; water.

Published TNS entries. Loaded dishwasher, did dishes, and laundry (electricity cheaper rate here after 14:00).

Tea : cappucino; madeleines.

Helped neighbours with boulodrome.


Supper : quiche; salad.

Took shower.

Spent time with friend.

Turned in.