Tuesday 28th June 2022


Up 08 30. Back pain.

Went to boulangerie for bread; bought chouquettes too.

Breakfast : orange juice; yogurt with honey; muesli (dairy milk). Likely reperage (reconnaissance by burglars by car).

Attended Seetec Pluss Financial Planning workshop. Same host as previously. Sections on taxes; keeping basic financial records; financial management; start up costs; costs; sales forecasting; cash flow forecast; profit/loss. Mostly familiar concepts but some potentially useful guidance with possibility help reviewing plan in due course. ‘Cost of living crisis’ mentioned in costs section. Wrote and posted memo for WC in lieu of appointment as agreed.

Prepared lunch. Noticed I used word ‘pedestrian’ as pejorative : denigrating active travel.


Lunch : chicken with peppers, onion, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic

Worked on Ten Views (South West England)

Tea : black tea.

Cleaning en haut, listening to episode of Bad Faith on Colombian election.

Friend visited by parish vicar from Christ Church Lille. Told her about CCA effort in Wells Cathedral and that I had considered taking what I would call Jesus in the Temple action myself (e.g. turning pews over in Bath Abbey) which she said would be ‘rude’. She mentioned General Synod had opted for net-zero by 2030. Also said I found services with readings but no commentary rather counter-productive and asked whether that was approach taught in Church of England; she practised expository preaching – unlike the kind I had come across lately – which made sense to me. Had aperitif together.

Aperitif : kir; rillette de saumon; toast; crisps; serrano ham.


Supper : pasta with garlic and pecorino; green salad.

Spent time with friend. G7 seems to be taking place.

Turned in.