Monday 20th June 2022


Up 08 00. Gustavo Petro reported to have won Presidential Election in Colombia.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; yogurt with honey; oats (dairy milk); banana.

Accompanied friend to laboratory, supermarket and boulangerie.

Elevenses : coffee; tartelette aux poires.

Went to test centre in retail park for rapid PCR (40 euros a pop).


Lunch : quiche; green salad; bread with butter; cheese; water.

Message from The Schumacher Institute that application unsuccessful. Worked on TNS. Restarted system as slow.

Tea : black tea; chocolate biscuits; chocolate/raspberry gateau.

Published TNS entries.


Supper : steak hache; potatoes; green beans.

Did dishes, tidying house, and putting bin out. Checked DWP and Seetec Pluss regarding situation : WC replied saying overseas feasible up to 4 weeks; nothing from EA. Macron seems to have lost majority. NUPES second but Rassemblement National significant gains.