Wednesday 15th June 2022


Up 07 25. Woken by car/house alarm at 05 45 and then construction traffic.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli. Litigation against HMG regarding deportations (ECHR). Wild camping on Dartmoor apparently under threat; some calling for defence (‘we must all defend this’ etc). Land tenure and distribution under capitalism is preposterous. Not sure this changes anything in terms action reqd. Spoke friend.

Published TNS.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Went to BathNES Council One Stop Shop to buy residents’ parking permits and took opportunity to get new Discovery Card. Overheard staff member saying some members public struggling with fact Avon and Somerset Police sharing shop floor, even if admin staff only. Visited pharmacy buying LFT test (friend arriving due to be operated on soon), learning that no low income arrangements in place. Took test on arrival home.


Lunch : Fried egg; toast. 18,000 walked in solidarity with Grenfell deceased, bereaved and class. Test negative.

Went to meet friend in Widcombe. Realised being accosted across street at second or third attempt (‘Oi! You with the bag!’), speaking briefly with acquaintance from street who was unpleasant (‘don’t fucking get funny with me’ indicated thought I had recognised him and steered clear which was not the case). Met friend over cider at pub (courtesy friend) then walk Bathwick Fields before heading back to studio.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Helped friend park car and brought bags inside.


Supper : aiguillettes de canard; couscous; red wine (courtesy friend).

Spent time with friend.

Turned in.