Tuesday 14th June 2022


Up 08 30

Breakfast : Coffee; muesli. Protests at Gatwick and Colnbrook Detention Centre. Extreme weather in US (6 natural disasters); foot of hail size golf balls in Mexico City. ‘How to’ guidance on discrediting persons said originated GCHQ in circulation.

Worked on Regional Rides, picture editing for Gallery collections (the urban/rural estate under capitalism).

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Went to Waitrose buying eggs.


Lunch : fried egg; rice.

Continued working as above. Put laundry on.

Tea : water. Spoke friend. Hung laundry to dry.

Went to Lidl instead attending (Zoom) Fellows Meeting The Schumacher Institute, enjoying seeing juvenile fish, dragonflies in/around the Avon. Preparations in Victoria Park for ticketed ‘Pub in the Park’ 3-day event. Some dark thoughts. Hot on return. Letter from AirBnB business owner addressed to owner seeking parking for holiday apartment. Reminded of man who declined invitation to join neighbours for Twelfth Night drink saying he was a ‘parker’.


Went to Waitrose for groceries, speaking with friend en-route, sharing news of successful anti-deportation efforts and comparing notes on what is to be done (my usual list : organise in workplaces and communities to do required work (mutual aid, self-defence, unionisation, industrial action, voter registration, electoral campaigning, political education)).

Supper : spinach and ricotta pizza; green salad; water. Smoke in studio. Calls for help at Boscombe Down where deportation flight waiting.

Worked on TNS.

Online until turning in.