Saturday 11th June 2022


Up 07 45. Difficult dreams. Toothache back. Some joint pain.

Breakfast : coffee; granola. Noticed tweet by Grace Blakeley celebrating fact of physical appearance at conferences in different countries on same day. Did dishes, burning finger as upended flask of scalding hot water to clean base. Went to bathroom and dressed.

Worked on website.

Elevenses : coffee; spoke to a friend.

Worked on TNS, publishing entries. Closed window as reggae music distracting. Signed International Journalists’ Statement in Defence of Julian Assange.


Lunch : herb omelette; cucumber. Last bowl broke after sliding into sink under Pyrex dish from draining board. Watched first speech and keynote at Progressive Economics 2022, conference organised by PEF. In poorest decile, would take 75% disposable income to eat as recommended. Universal Credit is 14% of average earnings apparently. Mentions of ‘failed capitalism’ and need to adapt Keynesianism. Capitalism is problem in my book.

Walked into town visiting Waitrose buying milk, and lottery ticket, following recent conversation.

Continued working as above.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Continued working as above.


Supper : toad in the hole; yorkshire pudding.

Online until turning in. Reports UNHCR intervened in attempted Rwanda deportations. Checked lottery numbers : just a single matching number. Heard advice in favour two factor authentication for e.g. Protonmail and Twitter on Novara Media.