Monday 13th June 2022


Up 08 25. Difficult dream.

Breakfast : coffee; muesli. Saw short film on psychology of habitual action. Bitcoin and like continuing to collapse; est. emissions Ethereum are 30,000 tonnes CO2 per day. Did dishes, went bathroom, showered, and dressed.

Attended appointment with WC at Pinesgate (DWP). Discussed progress, finding that DWP system blocked website tried view (RePlanet). Also discussed possible alternatives to Bath. Made appointment for last week in month.

Passed Bath Foodbank collection vehicle outside Sainsbury’s and man with sign (‘Very hungry. God Bless You’), speaking briefly to acquaintance know from street who was carrying bag full of beer he had just bought. Returned home via charity shop where discussed state affairs with staff members. Spoke about successful anti-deportation actions and heard that local conditions for those awaiting decisions awful (e.g. 40 families in basic hotel accommodation sharing a microwave). Staff evidently feeling threatened by cost living escalation; energy bills doubled; wondering whether going continue afford mortgage (notwithstanding no holiday for over decade); seemed keen on organising. Blackbird singing atop telegraph pole outside home as arrived.

Elevenses : coffee; chocolate from Magnum. Did white laundry.

Worked on TNS.


Lunch : fried egg; rice. Kermit Frog being used advertise Vrbo holiday homes.

Attended appointment with EA at Northgate House (Seetec Pluss). Man nearly jumped out skin as ambulance started siren nearby. EA unwell so met another, introducing self, progress, and booking appointment with Self-Employment Adviser and two online workshops. Spoke to acquaintance selling Big Issue whose dog had litter following unplanned pregnancy; seemed to have come out of it slightly ahead after selling puppies.

Tea : black tea; rhubarb crumble; cream. Spoke to friends.

Felt tired and went to bed for snooze.


Visited Waitrose, passing man who seemed barely able stand up, seeing friend, and buying vegetable pizza.

Supper : pizza. Watched something of annual Order of Garter Service. Protests outside Home Office regarding Rwanda deportations.

Online until turning in.