Thursday 9th June 2022


Up 08 45. Stronger than usual feeling in and around eyes as though not slept or been crying (without the attendant release/lightness) for days now.

Breakfast : half an orange; coffee; granola (dairy). Some mentions of Bilderberg meeting and attendance of shadow cabinet minister.

Worked on website. Went to bathroom and showered. Ran out dish soap.

Elevenses : coffee; shortbread. Spoke to friend about accompanying to GP surgery, discussing NHS, mentioning footage of A&E Department online lately in which patients advised would wait 7 or 8 hours at least to see a doctor. He said NHS was effectively not functioning at the moment and had collapsed. I said already living like Wile E. Coyote, having run off the cliff and trying not look down. Spoke to another friend. Laundry on.

Continued working as above. Contractor rang buzzer – if that is how it is said – needing access to clean the carpet. No prior correspondence from Managing Agency to ask. Needs replacing rather than cleaning to judge by first two flight steps and first floor landing.


Lunch : fried egg; rice. Opted to bear the building noise over the road (sanding) to vent steam etc.

Went into town visiting river, Waitrose, and speaking to acquaintance trying sell Big Issue who met lately. She was tired, starting give country origin rather than name when asked. Remembered I had described myself as part of group but not term. ‘Socialist?’ I asked. She said if I won lottery, could buy magazine from her.

Tea : black tea; shortbread. Motorist idling outside.

Continued working on website.

Spoke to friend who offered me gift of food agreeing to receive late evening. Did minimal amount research as mobile phone contract due expire at midnight : Fairphone on Phone Coop too much (and unknown quantity); went to EE store to check whether contract renewed automatically if did not wish make decision on day, deciding in event to sign for 12 months at significantly reduced rate (£25 pcm) with option upgrade if handset were to perish.

Met friend and accompanied to GP surgery.


Worked on website until friend arrived with food.

Supper : Roasted spiced chicken leg, flatbread, pomegranate beets and tahini beans

Online until turning in