Wednesday 8th June 2022


Up 08 30. Drank orange juice and coffee.

Got dressed and went to Coop for milk.

Breakfast : muesli (dairy milk). Paul Mason who I never rated reported to have been exposed.

Spoke to a friend.

Elevenses : black tea; shortbread.

Worked on CSR (cut, sewed, trimmed cushion covers), listening to Black Power Media show. Presenter described how congregation will not listen to ‘socialist, anti-imperialist Jesus’. Shut window to mitigate against Ambience, the grounds maintenance contractor.


Lunch : papadams, pickle, beer, raita, fried okra, parathas.

Continued working as above.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Continued as above.


Supper : fried egg; rice.

Attended BathNES Green Party AGM. Ran through Officers’ Reports, heard about SW elections from Field Organiser, and elected committee for year to come. Spoke to Chair following call for catch up (I stepped down as co-chair in March).

Posted link to Democratic Accountability Bath website on BathNES Green Party extranet, as requested.

Online before turning in.