Tuesday 7th June 2022


Up 08 15.

Did dishes.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (dairy). Some members of Home Office staff had apparently put up Subject of Interest notices profiling Paddington Bear.

Went to bathroom and got dressed.

Logged on to Seetec Pluss workshop on Business Planning. Dozen or so attendees, majority of whom chose not to show faces during call. Host joined by SP Self-Employment Advisor. Following housekeeping, overview business planning, sections on structure business plan and business description, marketing, business operations, ending with ‘Knowledge Check’. Content aimed at novices, somewhat repetitive and lacking in concrete illustrations. Like other SP content, seemed narrowly focused on profit-making business, gaps in market to ‘exploit and take advantage of’ (‘Probably all seen episodes of Dragons’ Den’). Participation limited, tailing off as time went on. Some learning for me provided by SEA (e.g. UTR compulsory at £1,000 turnover pa).

Elevenses : coffee; shortbread. Learned did not make shortlist for Nature Recovery Manager position.


Lunch : fried egg; rice.

Went for walk into town, feeling unwell midway and unsure whether fever or nausea would develop; wet through and discomfort on scalp by time got back. Friend asked whether reheated rice, saying boiling did not kill certain bacteria specific to rice which was news to me. Drank good amount water and ate plum before taking to bed for a lie down/snooze. Woke feeling somewhat better.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.



Walked to Waitrose buying papadams, bottle beer, paratha, yogurt, cucumber, reduced okra. Member staff staring into space as waited to input PIN. ‘Were you somewhere nice?’ I asked. ‘Yes. Miami.’

Supper : papadams, lime pickle, beer, raita, fried okra with parathas.

Spoke to friend.

Online until turning in.