Wednesday 1st June 2022


Up 08 05

Breakfast : half an orange; coffee; muesli.

Did dishes, listening to Black Power Media production : US political prisoners are longest held in world, not being released until on deathbed.

Went to bathroom, showered, dressed and prepared for appointment with EA.

Attended appointment with EA at Northgate House (Seetec Pluss). EA unwell so met with another member staff, introducing self and situation, and reporting progress. Discussed self employment and was reminded of discussion with WC prior to pandemic that current status allowed attempts at self employment without vulnerability to earnings threshold. EA sent me link to Teams workshop on business planning.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Thought about work as a whole including past projects, trying to decide how to present via website etc.


Lunch : fried egg; rice.

Continued working as above.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Continued working as above. Got message from friend that would be home from hospital today (had offered to meet).


Went to Waitrose for food. A-Board outside proclaiming ’70 Glorious Years’. Bought reduced vegetarian sausages and yorkshire puddings. Asked member staff what made of Jubilee, bunting sales etc (had apologised for indicating I thought it was irrational before finding out) : she said was not bothered either way, paused, then said it was patriotic.

Supper : toad in the hole. Missed the gravy.

Met friend outside apartment as arrived from hospital. Installed, accepted offer of glass of white wine, prepared food for friend and kept company until late.

Home to bed.