Sunday 5th June 2022


Up 09 00.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (almond milk). Reported unnamed storm in Miami caused flash flooding. Black man receiving attention Metropolitan Police reported dead.

Worked on website and some new product development (possible route for tour).

Did dishes, went bathroom and showered.

Elevenses : coffee.

Continued working as above.


Lunch : kebab; fried tomatoes; rice.

Went for walk, visiting Waitrose where bought eggs and milk (dairy). Saw number acquaintances one of whom seemed to have soiled himself as got up to move. Slog walking back. Saw neighbour checking did not need anything.

Tea : black tea; plum. Footage gold state coach online with hologram Her Majesty the Queen aboard. Spoke friend.

Worked on mugshot and website.


Supper : herb omelette.

Continued working on website.

Applied for advertised position with The Schumacher Institute sending proof/receipt to EA and updating UC system.

Online until turning in.