Saturday 4th June 2022


Up 08 45. Coffee in bed. Online.

Did dishes and went to bathroom.

Breakfast : orange juice; muesli. Pain in side which comes of sitting too much; frustrated that website taking so long and displacing other work (e.g. publication TNS entries). Watched Novara Media production showing footage from suppressed film made about Royal Family (someone having uploaded film onto YouTube) and reporting that Palace seeking appoint Master of the Household’s Office for £19,999 per annum (40hrs per week). Very upsetting video online of black man being repeatedly tasered by police on a London bridge before fleeing/throwing himself over side.

Worked on website design including possible original header images (one three London buses afloat on swollen Thames before Palace Westminster).


Walked to Waitrose buying reduced beef kebabs and two tomatoes.

Lunch : kebabs; rice; fried tomatoes. Forge of Empires ad appeared in Firefox : close to some of my ideas for LFE.

Continued work as above, trying different routes (e.g. hand moving palace as though pieces on a board; various Westminster buildings taking off as though rockets; Westminster turned upside down). Spoke friend briefly.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Continued work as above. Ate plum.


Went to Waitrose for food buying pizza on offer. Bit upset at being handed receipt with no eye contact and head/body turned to next customer before I left.

Supper : vegetable pizza.

Thunderstorm (which I enjoy).

Online until turning in.